Presence of students at the faculty with effect from May 11


Presence of students at the faculty with effect from May 11

Following the current resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic, pandemic measures have been further mitigated. This resolution includes the conditions under which students may be present at higher education institutions.

With effect from May 11, 2020, the personal presence of students is only possible if the condition of the presence of a maximum of 15 students in the group is met. This limitation on the number of students does not apply to clinical and practical teaching and training.

At the same time, each student is obliged to provide a written statutory declaration (affidavit) before the first entrance to the faculty buildings. Such testimony should declare that one has not exhibited any symptoms of the viral infection COVID-19 (e.g., fever, cough, shortness of breath, sudden loss of taste and smell, etc.) during the past two weeks. After submitting the declaration to a competent authority, the student can stay in faculty premises (only without acute health problems corresponding to a viral infectious disease).

However, at FSV UK, online teaching and distance learning has remained in use until the end of the summer semester. With an exception for those classes where the teacher determines otherwise for urgent reasons.

The exact procedure for submitting the statutory declaration can be found in the Dean’s Measure no. 9/2020.

Download the statutory declaration here.