Centre for Media Studies (CEMES) is a research and analytical unit affiliated to the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism

  • focuses on research and analyses in the field of media, marketing and Journalism
  • provides applied research and analytical tasks for state and public institutions, NGOs and media.
  • is engaged in conceptual and educational activities and projects in the field of media and Journalism.
  • provides support for promotional activities of the Charles University, project: The third role of the Charles University – engaging the public debate, part of the long term plan of the university (reflection of current topics-analysis, analyses, methodology)



  • research and analyses of communicational practices and aspects of Czech media culture, with emphasis on analyses of important social and political issues and its media coverage and framing.
  • expert research activities within the framework of national grant opportunities, applied research in the field of media and journalism within the Institute of Communication studies and Journalism (ICSJ).
  • integration and coordination of research activities within ICSJ



  • expert and analytical activities focused on the communication practices of contemporary Czech media, methodical and consulting activities (consultancy and training in the field of media relations and public relations, expertise and assessment of analytical procedures, evaluation of media campaigns, etc.).
  • professional research activities within the framework of the national grant opportunities - the selected areas where the FSV UK wants to enter into a public discussion, grant applications should be systematically prepared.
  • cooperation with the regulatory bodies, key stakeholders and public service media