Wolf Talks Exhibition

Vlčí hovory

Wolf Talks Exhibition

We invite you to an exhibition, which presents an arts-based research project, created by Nico Carpentier. It takes place in the Hollar Gallery from October 12 to 17.

Wolves can't talk, can they? Or can they? Wolf Talks aims to organize this conversation. It is an arts-based research project, created by Nico Carpentier, that questions the power dynamics of the discursive-material relationships between human and non-human animals. For each photograph, you can listen to a Wolf Talks sound fragment (connected with the photograph through a QR code), where a wolf will speak to you. Exceptionally, as a courtesy to you, they will speak your language. Or at least, you will understand them, even if they might challenge you a bit.

Wolf voices: Vicky Achillidou, Yiannis Christidis, Matěj Dadák, Saadia Ishtiaq Nauman, Richard Kilborn, Kristýna Kopřivová, Filip Láb, Alžběta Medková, Jan Miessler, Deborah Philips, Hana Řičicová, Sam Schoeman, Chris Stachel and Petra Urgačová

More information at the exhibition website and at the facebook event. Free entry.