Student Media

Media of ISCJ

The Media of ISCJ website publishes selected texts by students of our institute. You will find news, comments, reviews, but also videos, radio reports, podcasts and photo cycles that our students create during their studies.

What are we doing?

At our institute there is a rich spectrum of practical courses and related student outputs as well as specific media projects.

In 1991, the news weekly Carolina began to be publish as the first Czech electronic periodical. The fortnightly Fleš is a product of first-year journalism students. The opinions of the students are presented by the website Názorně.

The Media of ISCJ website is then a platform for the presentation of the most interesting media outlets across courses and genres.


On our YouTube channel, you will find, among other things, a number of videos created by students during the lectures.


The website is managed by Tereza Ježková.  You can send questions, comments and suggestions to