Scientific Articles

Scientific Articles

Take a look at a selection of scientific articles we have published in recent years.

Author Article Medium
Lenka Vochocová – Jana Rosenfeldová “Untouched by your Do-gooder Propaganda” Central European Journal of Communication
Lenka Vochocová – Jana Rosenfeldová The EU as a weak and authoritative traitor: signs of post-socialist ressentiment and populist rhetoric in online civic anti-European discourses Journal of Contemporary European Studies
Petra Audy Martínek – Alessandro Caliandro – Janice Denegri-Knott Digital practices tracing: studying consumer lurking in digital environments Journal of Marketing Management
Annamária Neag Media Literacy Education for Diverse Societies Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication
Silvija Vuković Celebrities turning into populists: The celebrity populism of Miroslav Škoro during the 2019 Croatian presidential campaign Medijske studije / Media Studies
Markéta Supa – Vojtěch Hodbod’ – Jana Rosenfeldová Supporting Children to Cooperate, Connect, and Civically Engage in a Diverse Society Media Education Research Journal
Nico Carpentier The Dislocation of the Empty Signifier Freedom as a Tool in Global Political Struggles: A Case Study on RT’s Mini-Series How to Watch the News Javnost
Anežka Kuzmičová – Markéta Supa – Jana Segi Lukavská – Filip Novák Exploring children's embodied story experiences: a toolkit for research and practice Literacy
Lucie Römer – Markéta Supa – Vojtěch Hodboď Media literacy education nurturing civic participation of disadvantaged youth, or not? Learning, Media and Technology
Lenka Vochocová – Dino Numerato – Tereza Sedláčková Opting for Polarizing Emotions: Strategies of Czech Pro-Vaccination Discussants in the Emotionalized Public Sphere and Debate on a Measles International Journal of Communication
David Klimeš Conceptualizing "Sponsored Authenticity“ in Sustainable Influencer Marketing Marketing Identity: New changes, new challenges
Tereza Ježková – Tereza Klabíková Rábová New in Covid: New Variations of Media Reception of Czech Cultural Events Marketing Identity: New changes, new challenges
Alice Němcová Tejkalová – Olga Gheorghiev – Markéta Supa –Victoria Nainová Children and the Radio: Who Should Listen to Whom? Journalism Practice
Kateřina Turková – Veronika Macková – Alice Němcová Tejkalová Space for self-expression: communication of Czech female athletes on social media and fans’ reactions AUC Kinanthropologica
Miloš Hroch – Nico Carpentier

Scissors, glue and other machines: The materiality of the Prague zine scene in the post-digital era

Tecmerin. Journal of Audiovisual Essays
Kirill Filimonov – Nico Carpentier Beyond the state as the ‘cold monster’: the importance of Russian alternative media in reconfiguring the hegemonic state discourse Critical Discourse Studies
Markéta Supa – Vlastimil Nečas – Jana Rosenfeldová – Victoria Nainova Children as Cosmopolitan Citizens: Reproducing and Challenging Cultural Hegemony International Journal of Multicultural Education
Miloš Hroch – Nico Carpentier Beyond the Meaning of Zines: A Case Study of the Role of Materiality in four Prague-Based Zine Assemblages Communication, Culture and Critique
Nico Carpentier Silencing / Unsilencing Nature. A Participatory Visual Essay on the Right to Flourish Comunicazioni Sociali
Vaia Doudaki Passages (Pasáže) in Prague as Heterotopias of Inclusion and Exclusion Comunicazioni Sociali
Tereza Klabíková Rábová Čau lidi! Tady @strakovka aneb k neformálním projevům komunikace institucí veřejné správy Didaktické studie
Nico Carpentier The Dislocation of the Empty Signifier Freedom as a Tool in Global Political Struggles Javnost
Lenka Vochocová ‘Frustrated women invite the immigrants to Europe’: Intersection of (xeno-) racism and sexism in online discussions on gender aspects of immigration European Journal of Cultural Studies
Václav Štětka – Jaromír Mazák – Lenka Vochocová “Nobody Tells us what to Write about”: The Disinformation Media Ecosystem and its Consumers in the Czech Republic Javnost
Jaroslav Švelch – Jan Švelch Recasting Life Is Strange: Video Game Voice Acting during the 2016–2017 SAG-AFTRA Strike Television & New Media
Markéta Supa – Annamária Neag

Emotional practices of unaccompanied refugee youth on social media

International Journal of Cultural Studies
Václav Moravec – Veronika Macková The Robotic Reporter in the Czech News Agency: Automated Journalism and Augmentation in the Newsroom Communication Today
Miloš Hroch Not Out of Date, but Out of Time: The Materiality of Zines and Post-digital Memory Forum Historiae
Irena Reifová Shaming the working class in post-socialist Reality Television European Journal of Cultural Studies
Nico Carpentier Communicating Academic Knowledge Beyond the Written Academic Text: An Auto-Ethnographic Analysis of the Mirror Palace of Democracy Installation Experiment International Journal of Communication
Jaroslav Švelch

Should the Monster Play Fair?: Reception of Artificial Intelligence in Alien: Isolation

Game Studies
Alice Němcová Tejkalová –⁠ Ladislav Krištoufek

Anything Can Happen in Women’s Tennis, or Can It? An Empirical Investigation Into Bias in Sports Journalism

Communication & Sport
Verica Rupar –⁠ Alice Němcová Tejkalová –⁠ Filip Láb –⁠ Sonja Seizova

Journalistic discourse of freedom: A study of journalists’ understanding of freedom in the Czech Republic and Serbia