The Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism (ICSJ)

The Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism (ICSJ) offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs in marketing communication and PR, media studies and journalism. The ICSJ also guarantees and organizes rigorous examination in the field of Media Studies. The aim of the ICSJ is to develop scientific and research activity in the field of  public and media communication, as well as the history of media, with a special emphasis on the Czech Republic, the former Czechoslovakia before 1989, and its historical neighbors. The ICSJ analyzes mass media in international comparison and in political, economic a cultural context.

ICSJ departments

ICSJ departments:

  • Department of Media Studies
  • Department of Journalism
  • Department of Marketing Communication and Public Relations

ICSJ also has a photolab, Editorial Department and Radio and Television Laboratory.