Radio and Television Laboratory


The Radio and Television Laboratory (RTL) is a workplace of our institute, which offers a comprehensive processing of the entire audiovisual project without the input of third parties. The best university studio in Europe is an integral part of teaching especially students of journalism, but it is also used for cooperation with non-commercial and commercial entities.

  • We are continually improving cinematic equipment, studio, and streamline in FULL HD resolution.
  • In cooperation with the RUK External Relations Department, we are involved in building and managing Youtube channel UK, providing recordings, lectures and streaming of important events at Charles University.
  • We provide lectures and recordings for both our and other faculties of the Charles University.
  • Thanks to the network of high-quality collaborators from students and practitioners, we are able to document multiple events at the same time or record commercials for TV broadcasting.
  • As part of the teaching process, the portraits of prominent figures of the UK - Science at the University of the Charles University are being created for the fourth year.
  • We established and manage Youtube Channel ICSJ and regularly stream on Discussions about Czech media.
  • Thanks to a network of quality collaborators from among students and professionals from practice, we are able to document more events at the same time, or shoot commercials for broadcast on Czech Television.
  • Our commercial clients include ČEZ, Centropen, Flowee magazine, President 21 or People in Need. 
  • For our media training, AMI Communications, Ogilvy and Czech News Agency are using our premises. 


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Radio Televison Laboratory
Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism
Faculty of Social Sciences
Charles University
Celetná 20
110 00 Praha 1

Head of RTL
MgA. Jan PEML, DiS.
Phone: +420 224 491 458 

Booking and rental of equipment
Mgr. Petr Hamšík
Telefon: +420 224 491 459