Study Abroad

Study abroad

As a student at the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism, you have a wide range of opportunities to study abroad via Erasmus or other programmes.

Study Abroad Opportunities

The International Office is responsible for all kinds of international mobility available to the Faculty of Social Sciences' students, teachers and staff. It co-ordinates international activities of our faculty at all levels including ERASMUS+, inter-faculty exchange agreements, etc.

Inter-Faculty Agreements Inter-University Agreements
Bilateral International Treaties Free Movers
Other possibilities  


The Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism has Erasmus partnership with many European universities available for students of all study programmes. An updated list of agreements and general information about Erasmus at the Faculty of Social Sciences is available on the International Office website. Students can also study abroad via faculty-wide agreements or even via agreements of other institutes. Deadline for applications to go for Erasmus in the following academic year is normally in Ferbruary.