Discussions about Czech Media

Discussions about Czech Media

The goal of the project is to raise public awareness about media issues, to bring more different perspectives or deeper insights into controversial media topics, and to bridge the gap between academia and media professionals by enabling them to discuss different media issues.

Discussions about Czech media

The project Discussions about Czech Media (Rozpravy o českých médiích) has been organised by Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism since 2012. Our topics are always related to media, we choose theoretical as well as practical issues, e.g. the role of media in American presidential campaign, the power of social networks and search engines to news production, the credibility of information resources (for media as well as for public), innovations in journalism, etc. From time to time we prepare a discussion in English, as in January 2017 in the case of Czech Journalism from the Foreign Perspective (you can see it on YouTube).

Every discussion lasts approximately 1.5 hour (max. 2 hours) and we target it mainly on our students (of media studies, journalism, communication studies), but it is opened also for the public. We usually invite three or four guests to talk about the chosen topic and the host of the discussion is usually a director of our Institute – Alice Němcová Tejkalová.

We also have two media partners – the project of Czech Radio called PRESSpektivy and the European Journalism Observatory (Czech Edition).