Anežka Kuzmičová new researcher at the Dept of Media Studies, ICSJ

Anežka Kuzmičová new researcher at the Dept of Media Studies, ICSJ

Anežka Kuzmičová’s research focuses on reading and literacy, primarily from children’s point of view. She is joining our Dept of Media Studies, Inst of Communication Studies and Journalism, from CU’s Faculty of Arts, Inst of Czech Language and Theory of Communication, where she worked for four years running a cross-faculty research group funded by the Primus programme and Czech Science Foundation and teaching project-based courses.

Before that, she worked at Stockholm University for twelve years including her Ph.D. During this time she also spent longer periods visiting in Denmark, Canada and the UK. Anežka originally trained in literature but has been working across disciplines ever since her Ph.D. studies, collaborating with international colleagues in areas as diverse as cognitive science, education and the social sciences.

Among her other formative experiences was serving as working group leader in the pan-European E-READ network (Evolution of Reading in the Age of Digitisation, 2014-2019), funded by COST. A more recent turning point in her work was the year 2020 when she began collaborating with Markéta Supa at the Dept of Media Studies, ICSJ. 

In 2022 she won the Neuron Prize for Promising Scientists in the social sciences. In 2023 she was listed by Forbes as one of Czechia’s Top 23 female researchers.

Last year she was also awarded a five-year ERC Starting Grant for WONDRE (Ways of Imagining in Children’s Lives with Information Texts, 2024-2029). WONDRE is part of a larger community effort to further research and teaching on children’s experiences. It is also the university’s first ERC project in the social sciences and humanities.

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Photo: Vladimír Šigut