Applications for PhD studies until 30 April


Applications for PhD studies until 30 April

Continue your doctoral studies at ISCJ and join our successful PhD students. The study program prepares students for independent academic work in the field of communication, media and marketing studies at universities, with substantial knowledge of communication and media theories and methodologies.

The doctoral study program Media and Communication studies is designed for candidates who are deeply interested in following or related topics:

  • Media Studies
  • Journalism Studies
  • Political Communication
  • Social construction of reality
  • Discourse studies
  • Visual Journalism
  • Sports Journalism
  • Media History
  • Strategic Communication, Marketing and PR
  • Artificial Intelligence and Media, Big Data, Algorithms
  • Cultural Studies
  • Audience Studies
  • Participatory Studies

See call for candidates for the PhD projects 2022 and information about the application.