Apply for the PhD in Media and Communication Studies by April 30!

Apply for the PhD in Media and Communication Studies by April 30!

The key requirement for admission is a dissertation project, which you can either

  1. choose from the list of PhD projects available for 2023
  2. or submit a project of your own and consult it with a relevant supervisor in advance.

PhD projects available for 2023

  • Discursive-material communication assemblages
  • Inclusive media literacy education
  • Concepts of National Identity in Europe and the World
  • Marketing communication and tobacco control
  • Popular creativity and class: „the bizarre“ and „the new low“ as mediated practices of cultural prosumption on the internet
  • Constructing history on social media
  • Parenting in a digital environment
  • Feminist/gender studies research on struggle and resistance
  • Photography and practices of othering
  • Photography composition as a narrative and cognitive construct
  • The technical image and the legacy of the hand-made image
  • The Influence of Persuasion and Communication in Food Decisions

The project details can be found here 

On our PhD websites, you can also find supervisors' contact information, detailed instructions on how to apply, as well as information on the admission procedure.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Center for Doctoral Studies at