Media awards for 2023

Media awards for 2023

The Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University awarded four academics and one student project for their media output in 2023. They were nominated for the media award by their institute based on the quantity and quality of media output.

The awards went to:

Project Based, Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism

An educational project that was founded last year in cooperation with other schools by students of ICSJ FSV UK. They are dedicated to media education and popularize historical events, legal issues or economic topics with innovative methods and bring them closer to young people. They are also awarded for the fact that their activities significantly contribute to the visibility of the institute.


Petr Janský, Institute of Economic Studies

Currently one of the most media-active academics at IES FSV UK. Also thanks to membership in the Government's National Economic Council (NERV), he regularly appears in domestic national media. His research on the topic of international tax reform and the issue of tax havens, solved within the CORPTAX project, also resonated in the media abroad. He also receives awards for his activity on social networks, where he tries to explain more complex economic issues in a comprehensible manner. 

Irena Kalhousová, Institute of International Studies

She receives the prize for her unquestionable contribution to the understanding of the Middle East and Israel in an international context. After the escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, she tried with extraordinary commitment to contribute to the societal understanding of the complex situation. At the same time, in her case, it is an award for spreading the good name of the Herzl Center for Israel Studies and the entire FSV UK.

Jan Ludvík, Institute of Political Studies

He is awarded for his regular media outputs, which mainly concern security issues. Due to his specialization, he is also one of the leading Czech experts in the field of nuclear weapons and the strategic potential of world powers. Along with this, the award also highlights his presentation on social networks. At the same time, he is a member of the university research center The Peace Research Center Prague (PRCP).

Marie Jelínková, Institute of Sociological Studies

She receives the award for regular and active media appearance and long-term work in the field of migration. Also in connection with the participation in the Expert Group for Ukraine, she became a frequent commentator on issues related to the integration of Ukrainian migrants. In addition to direct media appearances, she is also awarded for the preparation of numerous outputs that served not only the media area.

Congratulations to all awardees.