Prague Media Point Conference: Call for Papers, Presentations and Session Proposals

Prague Media Point Conference: Call for Papers, Presentations and Session Proposals

Deadline: June 2, 2024

Prague Media Point 2024, November 29, 2024

Prague, Czech Republic


What’s Working: Responding to AI-induced Volatility in the Media

It is our pleasure to open the call for papers and presentations for the 2024 Prague Media Point Conference, which will take place on November 29, in Prague, Czech Republic.

Artificial intelligence has come with a power to dramatically shaken our economic, labour, and information systems. For the media sphere, it means yet another drastic turn on its bumpy ride towards any prospect of renewed stability. But unlike many other such turns, AI may provide professionals with a reactive (and creative) potential on a more egalitarian and therefore democratic basis. With the hindsight of coming on to two years of widely accessible AI tools, join Prague Media Point in assessing the impact on and responses of the media sphere and journalism to the two-vowel phenomenon. Be that on the job market, school curricula, newsroom policies, media regulation, journalistic solidarity, and beyond.

We seek submissions of abstracts, presentations or session proposals that focus on research, projects, and practices in the media that appear to be working and generating impact in the response to AI-induced media volatility (alternatively, which clearly demonstrate a potential to do so). We stress the importance of this AI-volatility link and the example-based approach for the submissions. The topical areas should be related to the following:

  • Reforming media/journalism education and media literacy for the new paradigm
  • Responses to increasingly precarious and volatile work conditions of journalists
  • Freelancing as the new norm
  • Building cross-journalism solidarity and new forms of collaboration
  • Internal changes at newsrooms – policies, workers, leadership, strategies
  • AI and new business models
  • Success of hitherto platform and media regulation and what to improve
  • Protecting journalism in adversity – standards, volatility, SLAAPs, pluralism, trust
  • Harnessing AI for investigative and data journalism
  • AI and English-language dominance vs. small-language media – marginalization or expansion?
  • Election super-year and beyond: what’s new on the disinfo scene, what’s missing in our responses

Please submit max 500-word abstracts or proposals + a short bio by June 2, 2024 to:

Please use the templates on our webpage, where you can also find more information on registration, deadlines, and fees:

Contact: Marek Přeček, Project Coordinator,