Towards: searching for queer safe space - new exhibition at Hollar

Towards: searching for queer safe space - new exhibition at Hollar

Can Sudetenland be queer? Is the rave an oasis of freedom? Can public space really belong to everyone? What constitutes a safe space and what disrupts it?

Dozens of countries around the world criminalize homosexuality or otherwise oppress queer people. In Europe, among other things, the number of cases of violence against people with a minority sexual orientation or gender identity has been increasing in recent years. Despite all the progress, queer people still often have to hide themselves in order to feel safe in the public space, and not just in it.

Where can queer people exist without any shame or fear - where can they "be"? FSV UK students are collectively researching a safe space, what it looks like, where it begins and where it ends, or what prevents its creation.

The exhibition takes place in cooperation with Prague Pride, but you can visit it even after the end of the festival until the end of August, every weekday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The Hollar building is closed on weekends.

Exhibition authors:

Alena Harciníková
I like flowers, architecture and Swedish detective stories. Through my photos, I try to tell intimate stories that portray societal themes. I studied for a while in Denmark and I am currently trying to infiltrate Czech Radio.

Hana Grohová
I am currently studying visual journalism at Charles University and photography at the ITF in Opava. With my work, I try to capture different feelings and show that photography can be therapy. In addition, I also like to wander around different spaces with a camera and music in my ears, whether it's a city or an outdoor landscape.

Tomáš Pacovský
I want to give space to a queer perspective, I enjoy collaborative projects and am fascinated by the visuality of political communication. I have completed a semester of documentary photography in Cardiff, UK, and half a year of photojournalism in Denmark. I am completing a Master's degree in visual journalism at FSV UK and "saying words" on the Radio Wave broadcast.

Vladimír Nezdařil
I am driven by lust to capture the feeling and give it form. I study journalism at FSV UK and after the Nordic disillusionment I want to return to my roots: to capture who I am and who makes me - the queer destinies of today and tomorrow.