Global Horizons: Strategic Communication and Geopolitics from Czechia to Japan

Global Horizons: Strategic Communication and Geopolitics from Czechia to Japan

Center for Strategic Communication, Charles University, Czechia and Keio Center for Strategy, Keio University, Japan, would like to invite you to an expert roundtable discussion: “Global Horizons: Strategic Communication and Geopolitics from Czechia to Japan” on Tuesday, May 7, from 10-12 at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Smetanovo nábřeží 6, room 212, Prague 1.

RSVP: Please confirm your participation before May 2nd to Pavla Koterová, (subject: Global Horizons)


Keynote speaker: Prof. Yuichi Hosoya, Keio University, Keio Center for Strategy

Roundtable speakers: Assoc. Prof. Jan Sýkora, Charles University

Pavlína Stachová, Ing. et Mgr., Deloitte Advisory, Czech Republic

Jiří Brodský, MSc., Head of Asia Pacific Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czech Republic

Global Horizons



Set against the backdrop of Prague's historical location at the Vltava riverbank, the roundtable discussion "Global Horizons: Strategic Communication and Geopolitics from Czechia to Japan" invites a profound exploration of the intricate web of international relations that spans the globe. Featuring the esteemed Professor Yuichi Hosoya from Keio University, this event promises an in-depth examination of the pivotal role that strategic communication plays in the arena of global geopolitics.

As we delve into the multifaceted issues that define our era—ranging from the persistent conflict in Ukraine, the enduring tensions in the Middle East, the anticipatory currents surrounding the US elections, to the latent disputes in the Asia-Pacific—this discussion emphasizes the significance of diplomacy, narrative framing, and strategic dialogue in shaping international outcomes. Professor Hosoya, renowned for his expertise in international law, security, and foreign policy, guides participants through a nuanced understanding of how strategic communication influences geopolitical strategies and decisions.

Through this dialogue, attendees will gain insight into the complexities of current global conflicts and the mechanisms through which nations communicate, negotiate, and assert their positions on the world stage. "Global Horizons" not only highlights the importance of strategic communication in resolving and managing conflicts but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the delicate balance of power and diplomacy that underpins international relations today. Participants will emerge with enhanced perspectives on the interconnected challenges and opportunities that stretch from the historic heart of Europe in Czechia to the dynamic landscapes of Japan.


About the keynote speaker

Yuichi Hosoya, Ph.D., is professor of international politics at Keio University, Tokyo, and Director, Keio Center for Strategy. Professor Hosoya is also the Director of Research at the Asia-Pacific Initiative (API), Tokyo. Professor Hosoya was a member of Prime Minister’s Advisory Panel on Reconstruction of the Legal Basis for Security (2013-14), and Prime Minister’s Advisory Panel on National Security and Defense Capabilities (2013). Professor Hosoya studied international politics at Rikkyo (BA), Birmingham (MIS), and Keio (Ph.D.). He was a visiting professor and Japan Chair (2009–2010) at Sciences-Po in Paris (Institut d’Études Politiques), a visiting fellow (Fulbright Fellow, 2008–2009) at Princeton University and Visiting Fellow at Downing College, the University of Cambridge (2021-2022). His research interests include the postwar international history, British diplomatic history, Japanese foreign and security policy. His recent publications include Security Politics: Legislation for a New Security Environment (Tokyo: JPIC, 2019); History, Memory & Politics in Postwar Japan (Co-editor, Lynne Rienner: Boulder, 2020); Modern Japan’s Place in the World (Co-editor; Springer, 2023); and The Transformation of the Liberal International Order: Evolutions and Limitations (Co-editor; Springer, 2023). His comments often appeared at major international and Japanese media.